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In the middle of Hervey Bay’s Main Street, it looks like the typical fashionable beauty salon. But look past the elegant, modern storefront. Skin Deep Aesthetics is more than a pretty face. Fully licenced, highly experienced and exclusively offering innovative results-driven technologies at competitive prices, Skin Deep Aesthetics is the sort of different you want to get to know!"

Age Spots

 Sun damage, Hormones, Tanning beds and the natural course of aging can all be responsible for these patches of pigmentation on the skin, frequently appearing on the face, hands and shoulders. Many people feel self-conscious about age spots as they surface, but laser can be a useful aid in addressing them.
The skin you are wearing today is the result of a mix of factors, both environmental and genetic that great tan you were chasing? Sun exposure and the use of tanning beds accelerate the natural aging process and damage the skin. Discoloured spots, usually on the hands, shoulders, arms and face, can begin to appear as the skin ages.
They are an excess production of melanin, the skin’s natural colourant, and occur deep within the skin. These areas of hyperpigmentation can be a source of frustration or self-consciousness for some people.
Laser addresses age spots by penetrating beneath the surface of the skin and breaking down patches of pigment at a cellular level. The treatment is safe and effective. Your clinician will take into account relevant factors including the location of the spots, your skin tone and the extent of damage to the area when designing your treatment.

Hair Removal

Laser is a safe and effective method for reducing unwanted body hair for many people when administered by a qualified dermal therapist. Focused light penetrates the upper layers of skin to super-heat to the root of the hair, which later drops out. While still a process of a number of treatments, laser hair removal can be an alternative to painful treatments such as Brazilian waxing, with more permanent results. Unwanted body and facial hair can be anything from mildly annoying to hugely embarrassing to different people. For some, shaving will suffice, but for others, the blunt and quick regrowth and the constant ritual of removing it again and again to no long-term benefit is frustrating. This leaves us with two options – waxing and laser. Waxing involves covering the area with hot wax and ripping it off once it dries, pulling away the hairs, right down to their follicle. This permanently removes those hairs. Later, other hairs grow in their place.  Overall reduction varies from person to person, as does the experience of pain. An alternative to the cringe incited by the mention of Brazilian waxing is laser. Tiny beams of light, specifically chosen from the spectrum by your clinician for your needs, penetrate the outer layer of skin to superheat the hair follicle, heating the unwanted hair at its base. After a few weeks, as the natural cycle of hair growth continues, the hair dies and drops out of the skin. These hairs do not grow back. Due to the inevitably uneven growth of hair in the skin, it is impossible to target every single hair, but over a course of laser treatments, more and more hairs will be hit and fewer and fewer will be apparent. This is permanent hair reduction. Skin Deep Aesthetics uses cutting-edge technology, after a through consult on the effects and the outcomes of these treatments, this then enables the clinician to tailor the treatment more specifically to the client. It is also extremely safe – all clients wear eye coverings to protect them during treatment. Just like a black car left out in the sun, whatever is darkest in colour when exposed to light will absorb the most heat, whereas a lighter coloured car will not reach the same temperatures. Because of this, laser is most effective on dark hair in light skin tones.
Your clinician can advise whether laser is right for you.



Tired skin can experience rejuvenation with Microdermabrasion. Dead surface cells are removed from the skin while blood flow to the face is stimulated, re-oxygenating the skin. The smoother, more youthful skin cells your body already naturally produces are only a few layers away! A fast, non-invasive and effective therapy to consider for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and congestion.
While laser addresses the deep issues, there are treatments for surface complaints, including microdermabrasion and various chemical peels. Acne, congestion and a build-up of dead skin cells can dull the appearance of healthy skin. Treatments designed to clear these away can reveal the newer, fresh skin cells underneath – skin you already have, just waiting to be uncovered. Surface skin is buffed away through an exfoliation process called microdermabrasion. Similarly, chemical peels remove the surface layer, but through the practiced application of acids to the skin to safely dissolve the unwanted cells and stimulate the growth of new ones. The chemical peels offered at Skin Deep Aesthetics Hervey Bay are safe and effective when administered by a trained professional. They are not appropriate for all skin types or conditions. Microdermabrasion is suitable for all skin types but your clinician will advise whether it is the best mode of treatment for particular complaints.

Skin Rejuvenation

Acne scars and stretch marks can be treated with the DermaPen, which works by penetrating the epidermis with sterile microneedles and stimulating a minor immune response to encourage smoother healing.
When skin cells are traumatised by acne or an injury, scar tissue can form deep beneath the surface, affecting the overall appearance of the skin. These cells are densely packed and lack the  lasticity of regular cells, resulting in the pocked or knotted look we associate with scarring. The DermaPen works by penetrating the outer layer of skin to pierce these dense strings of cells with sharp microneedles. This minor, focussed damage breaks them up, stimulating an immune response that triggers the healing process to begin anew and encouraging a smoother result. The DermaPen is safe and effective when handled by a clinician trained in its use. This innovative new technology in skin aesthetics and beauty has different depth settings, making it suitable for all
areas of the face.

Beauty is more than skin deep.
That’s what dermal therapist Kareena believes, and that is why she’s committed to ensuring Skin Deep Aesthetics is much more than your average beauty salon. You seek out trusted professionals to enhance your hair and nails – the skin is a complex organ and taking care of it should be managed with skill and expertise. A qualified and experienced clinician like Kareena can assess your unique needs and tailor a program of treatment that will offer you the best possible results. This is likely to include home care instructions, but when it comes to protecting and caring for your largest organ, a little TLC does not go amiss. Together, you and our Hervey Bay skin clinic can improve the condition of your skin. Whether it be hair removal, skin rejuvenation or the removal of age spots, Skin Deep Aesthetics offers the latest in industry innovation using treatments that work at a deep cellular level – with clinical  proven results.

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