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To help keep your skin looking, working, and feeling good, feed it well from the inside.

  • Certain vitamins and antioxidants may improve the health and quality of your skin. Vitamins C and E, and selenium are antioxidants that may help protect skin from sun damage. Your skin needs the right balance of nutrients to do its main job: a barrier that protects the rest of your body from things outside it. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is key for cell growth, often used as a topical antiaging. Therapeutic (vitamins A and D, and their analogs) and antioxidant (vitamins C, E, and coenzyme Q) vitamins play an increasing role in skin care. Their benefits range from skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis to the protection against environmental insults. Nutrition is one of many factors required for the maintenance of overall skin health. An impaired nutritional status alters the structural integrity and biological function of skin, resulting in an abnormal skin barrier. Vitamin A is beneficial in facilitating cell growth and cell renewal, rejuvenating both the upper and lower layers of the skin. Along with Vitamin C, vitamin A also boosts collagen production for skin firmness, fine lines, and wrinkles reduction, even skin tone, and a glowing complexion. Not all supplements are created equal and it all has to do with how the ingredients are absorbed and broken down by the gut. The components in the coating that contains our supplements play an important role in this. As food / supplements / toxins pass through the GI tract, it mixes with digestive juices, causing large molecules of whatever your have ingested to break down into smaller molecules. The body then absorbs these smaller molecules through the walls of the small intestine into the bloodstream, which delivers them to the rest of the body.

  • Why do we Choose ADVANCED NURTRITION supplements in our clinic ?

Founded in 2006, Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is an award-winning premium range of supplements which support healthy skin, overall wellbeing and environmental awareness. A revolutionary study in 2006 by the British Journal of Nutrition captured the benefits that vitamins and nutrients can have to feed the skin from within. Along with other research, this study inspired Advanced Nutrition Programme to embark on a pioneering journey of developing evidence-based oral skincare and supplements. Using evidence-based research, our Nutritional and Skin Experts have formulated supplements which combine high-quality, premium ingredients to help maintain skin health and target skin concerns. We believe that the quality and combination of nutrients in our formulations are at level which can really make a difference. Our ingredients, processes, partnerships and packaging all work together to provide a supplement programme that not only encourages healthy skin but helps support a sustainable future.

  • Evidence Based Studies / Respected Results & Science

Advanced Nutrition Programme™ develops evidence-based supplements and formulations that are firmly focused on skin. Their experts use an array of technologies and modalities to investigate various targeted nutrient synergies. Advanced Nutrition Programme™ develops evidence-based supplements and formulations that are firmly focused on skin. The experts use an array of technologies and modalities to investigate various targeted nutrient synergies. You can have a look at the results for yourself. Just click the link

  • Why do we need Collagen ?

Collagen is a key component in bones, skin, muscles, and other body parts. It may help improve skin health, relieve joint pain, and prevent bone loss, among other things. Collagen is a protein. Your body makes it, and it's important for healthy joints, skin, bones, muscles, and more. We loose a % of our collagen every year after the age of 26 yrs old. It is a sliding scale and some people loose it slower than others. The collagen fibre's that are the building blocks of many of our structures and systems throughout the body are slowly depleting as we age. There has been many studies done on how we can maintain collagen longer in our lifetime and taking a supplement to help boost and maintain the collagen we have left definitely helps. True Science has an award winning product with its Liquid Collagen ( it has 10 different types of digestible marine collagen. This actually helps promote new growth of your collagen and has won many Industry Awards.

NOTE: It is one of my favourite product and that teamed with a collagen supplement has helped me through menopause over the past 2 years. (C. Johnson RN Div 1 20 yrs skin specialist) SDA owner and manager 15 yrs.

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