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Welcome to Skinndeep Aesthetics (SDA) au

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

We (SDA) would like to Welcome you to our Blog .. here we will be sharing a mixture of fun & informative topics relating to any new treatments available, favourite brands, interesting fun facts,

do's / don'ts and hopefully share some great experiences - all about the cosmetic beauty industry.

What does the Cosmetic Industry mean to me ?

The Salon Experience - T R U S T E D

T = Trustworthy

R = Reliable

U = Upright / Professional

S= Safe & Secure

T= Tried & Tested = > Referred by others

E= Ethical

D= Dependable

Hello, I would like to introduce myself owner - Carolyn Johnson RN Div 1 nurse of 23 yrs and Cosmetic specialist injector for the past 13 yrs. I created my company in 2008 and have worked for myself and other big companies over that time jointly. SDA have gone through a few surface changes in that time, but deep down I have always considered it to be updates, growth and keeping up with medical advances.

Ok, Let's get real for a moment. There is nothing better than finding a beautiful salon, with an amazing team, one that you can look forward to coming into to spend some of your precious time, discussing your beauty questions, wants & needs. Overall - just feeling comfortable, that you are putting yourself in the hands of a qualified TRUSTED professional practitioner is the key for me. Yes Please .......xoxo

Here at SDA we are starting again after a difficult 3 years - the combination of Covid along with huge price hikes on everything from mortgages, to building materials, paying bills, the cost of kids expense's, to even just going out for dinner's increases the stress on all of us x 4. I feel everyone is getting through the best they can and at the end of the day, small business did get hit pretty hard. Basically, it left me feeling flat, disillusioned, looking for answers, questioning my worth. Today's climate is very different to pre-covid and it is hard to keep on top of everything, whilst still trying to manage the increased work load but for less gain. So, I realise that to find time for yourself, is an important escape and one we do really need for our selves. "A little me Time". "A little Self Care" is all good for our soul our mental health. ? So, today more than ever I have chosen to count on my skills, my knowledge, my business expertise and I know I can offer that experience.

So, do we all feel a little shell shocked ?

I know I have, I joke that I have PTSD from all the DA shutdowns and actually ... part of that is really not a joke. Anyway, mama didn't raise a quitter and deep down I realised my worth is worth fighting for ! I know what I am good at, I know I love creating beautiful spaces, I know I enjoy meeting new people and continuing to catchup with clients, I value those friendships that I have had for at least 10 yrs, I know that this means something and I know that I have a skill that makes people feel good about themselves. Yes, I am a bit of a chatter box but then that's all part of my diversion tactics to get you to relax and not panic about having a needle going into your face. Your are in TRUSTED HANDS :)


Follow our Salon Re-build Journey ... on FB or Insta

Look out for some Sneaky deals, VIP events & our Rewards Program

all through our new website.

I am hoping to be open by Easter, so you can always send me a text or an email to say Hi, as we will have the calendar open for bookings in a couple of weeks. Not just for me but for Nicole who is amazing at Brow tattooing. She will be working only 1 / 2 days a week & I am confident she will book out quickly.

Consultations are Free but you should read our bookings & cancellation policy. To keep things running smoothly, you do need to pay a booking confirmation fee, however that will come off any treatment that you have on the day. Hope to see you soon :)

Keep an eye out as, Im excited to organise

Grand Opening Event. I will advertise this as a ticketed event (no cost) - it will be a special cocktail event with door prises and fun / laughter to be had.

See you all soon.

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