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Cosmetic Injectables .. what do I need to know ? 

Carolyn has 15 yrs exp in the cosmetic injectables industry.  She has extensive knowledge in all cosmetic procedures- depending on what your skin goals are.  With a full consult she is happy to discuss options that will best suit you and happy to refer her clients to other treatments if she feels the need to get the best out of your treatments. It is about building trust and making friendships and her love for growing a holistic clinic focused on the clients outcomes, has always been her goal. She has clients that have followed her around from her 3 clinics to country Victoria and interstate. She has worked for a well known plastic surgeon and over the years has been a trainer for SS cosmetic threads. She finds It important to keep up to date with latest treatments, products and she enjoys to continue to learn new skills and expand her knowledge. 

So it is time to relax and put your trust in our hands.  See you in the clinic soon.

beauty is an attitude

A full consult with one of our cosmetic qualified team members is required to discuss your treatment options.

A Skype call with one of our Practitioners is also required by the AUS legislation every 12 mths. A small fee will be charged at the time of your first appointment. With the new TGA changes we are not allowed to advertise prices or discuss why you would need certain treatments. This is why you will need to come in and have a face to face consult. 

Muscle Cosmetic Skin Injections: 

  • Wrinkle Free Treatments 

  1. Brows​

  2. Forehead

  3. Crows

  4. Lip Flip

  5. Platisma Bands 

  6. Masseters / Teeth Grinding 

  7. Sweating

  8. Hay Fever

  9.  Facial Slimming

  10. Brow lift

  11. Gummy  Smile

  12. Bunny Lines 

  13. Nose Lift 

  14. ​Chin / Sad Face

Antiwrinkle Aesthetic Facial Areas injectables
Hyaluronic & Collagen Stimulants
Cosmetic Fillers : 
  • HA Rejuvenation Rebalance  & Volumisation 

  1. Cheek Volume

  2. Lip Volume / Rebalance

  3. Mini Lip 

  4. Nasolabial Folds

  5. Lower Face Rebalance 

  6. Skin Booster / Fine line Rejuv

  7. Tear Trough 

  8. Temples

  9. ​Profhilo / collagen stimulant​

Fillers Aesthetic Facial area injectables

Get In Touch 

Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to know which days we are available in our different locations.

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